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Introducing Printingskills.com

So here’s the thing:  we had two options regarding the new capabilities we’re introducing:  we could develop everything from the ground-up or we could partner with someone who had already done much of the development, and we could wrap a brand around what had been done.  So obviously we chose the second option - Workblast.com has developed a kicking interface, and we’re going to bring that interface, with all the video capabilities, to the entirety of the Hireskills.com database of people.  That’s approaching 30,000 printing people in the United States and Canada.  That’s kicking, too.  Nick Murphy, the CEO of Workblast.com (ironically a former NFL Kicker) is running around the country getting college students excited about what he’s offering at Workblast.com across the non-printing industry.  We’re bringing this capability to the Printing industry ourselves.  We’re going to run Hireskills.com in parallel with Printingskills.com, so we can ease the people into the new technology.  Video isn’t for everyone; but for people that feel comfortable on a webcam it rocks.  Others will want to consider having other people go on video for them, get endorsements from professors, former employers, former and current co-workers - put them on camera for a minute or two and have them tell your prospective employer how awesome you are.  Then there’s the powerpoint presentation - you can do one of those and narrate it yourself - tell prospective employers about the work you are showing in the presentation.  Or, you can tie your resume to a portfolio of your work in a variety of formats, and let your resume and portfolio speak for you.  Or you can do all the above.

And sooner or later, I mean it HAS to happen, one or two forward-looking printing companies will post their videos on our site to get job seekers excited about their capabilities.  At Hireskills.com we still see an amazing number of companies that don’t understand the internet’s true value to their company.  Some of the customers don’t believe we can do what we do for the price we charge - a fraction of the cost of any recruiter in the industry!  But we have the largest database in the industry - of course we can find people for companies - in many cases it’s merely a function of posting a great looking job and looking in the inbox the next morning - it’s not terribly difficult.

But the big thing here is that we’re gong to be introducing PrintingSkills.com to the industry - and it’s truly going to change everything.  We’re going to tie Hi-Res Kills into the networking capability, you are going to love this place!  Stay tuned!


Okay, we’ve been quiet for a while, but that’s going to change

To the hundreds of people who signed up on this site - thanks.  We’re going to make it worth your while.  We’ve been working to get some cool stuff launched and it’s still days away, but we’re REALLY getting there.  I’ll explain why it is taking so long:

1) we are adding major capabilities with their own brand, to the hireskills site.  That doesn’t come without cost, dollars and time;

2) we are launching a networking capability from that site with links to and from here, that will allow people to do some very cool things.  For example:  If you are at school in Michigan and see a job posted here or on the newly branded site, or Hireskills, for a position in…oh, I don’t know…..Sacramento CA - you’ll be able to network with printing people there and get the scoop on the company, the economy, all that stuff.  Also, you’ll be able to talk to professors of graphic arts ( our advisors) and pressroom sups, plant managers, and anyone else in the industry that registers for the networking capability.

3) the newly branded site is going to allow candidates to post video resumes, rich media portfolios for documents of all formats, you will be able to do live interviewing through the site so again, if you’re in Michigan and want to interview with that Sacramento company - you can do it via our site - free.  Very cool.  For you, and for the company.

4) We’re going to host videos of the companies, too.  Then you can scope out all their capabilities and decide before your interview if you want to even talk to the dudes.

5) If you don’t want to do a video resume, that’s fine.  You can do a power point presentation or have other people tell prospective employers just how awesome you really are.

We are changing EVERYTHING.  So, thanks for hanging in there with us - we’re THIS close!!!! tell your friends!


Anyone Know Anyone with Flexo Experience?

We have a great customer who is looking for flexo operators in California.  Comment to me if you or anyone you know is interested! Excellent company and great reputation.


Lack of Postings Doesn’t Mean Lack of Progress

Well folks, we’ve been without activity on this site for over a month - and mostly because we didn’t have a lot to report.  Sure, we could have posted on a number of topics, but the goal of this site is to be different.  Well, we’ve been busy  as have our development partners.  Today we’re going to put the final touches on the interaction between this site, Hireskills.com (which will soon have a name change) and the capabilities to post a video resume, watch a video from a hiring company, post a rich media portfolio, interview live from your pc or mac without having to travel and do some real graphic arts networking.  We’re conferencing at 2pm today - stay tuned.  I told you months ago we were going to change the paradigm - we’re working on it - good things take time!


WorkBlast Signs NY Giants Kicker Lawrence Tynes as Spokesman

We announced our exclusive arrangement with WorkBlast a couple of months ago, and we were hoping to have video resumes online prior to the new year. It turns out that Nick Murphy and his folks at WorkBlast were on a path to not only bring us the capability to have video resumes, but much, much more.  These other amazing capabilities will be coming during the first week of February - to Hi-Res Kills and Hireskills.com.  Candidates will be able to not only generate video and/or audio introductions to themselves, but a couple of MAJOR capabilities are going to be made available in addition to these.  Stay tuned.  And watch that Superbowl game - NY’s kicker is a WorkBlast spokesman!

When I tell you that we’re going to change the way graphic arts companies hire people, I am not kidding.  We are very excited and when you see what we unveil the first week in February, you will be, too!

Lawrence Tynes’ NFL affiliation notwithstanding, GO PATS!